[Kdenlive-devel] Kdenlive 0.2.3 on sourceforge.

Reinhard Amersberger protux at web.de
Thu Oct 16 09:48:16 UTC 2003

kdenlive-devel at lists.sourceforge.net schrieb am 15.10.03 12:26:59:
> > for example: I have resized a clip on the timeline (I just moved the right > edge to the left), but the save option/button remains deactivated.

Maybe I found another problem caused by the problem above?

I load a project containing two clips (whereby the second one was shortened by dragging the right edge to the left).

Then I extend the second clip by dragging the left edge to the right, but play back stopps further on at the original loaded position.

I've put two screenshots up to clearify the situation. The first one shows the situation after loading the project and the second after extending the second clip:
1: http://www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kl_endbug_before.png
2: http://www.groovision.de/kdenlive/kl_endbug.png

btw - another point, but I'm not sure if this is a bug, a feature request or just not implemented right now ;-)

- Inpoints and outpoints are not saved.


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