[Kdenlive-devel] dvdauthor

Varol Okan varokan at movingsatellites.com
Thu Dec 25 20:55:41 UTC 2003


I am currently trying to develop a GUI for dvdauthor and I wrote a 
complete parser for the xml files for dvdauthor and spumux. It is pretty 
straight forward (sometimes ugly) but simple. I used Qt exclusively 
(throughout the whole project).

Please note that my app is at this time not doing anything but to read, 
and write the xml code as I am trying to figure out how to properly use  
dvdauther et al.

Now I think it would be a cool add on to kdenlive to generate a DVD with 
menus, subtitles etc.  This might already exist but I could not get 
kdenlive 0.2.3 to work for me, so I would not know.

Anyhow, if you are interested I am more then happy to give the code to 
you (also currently my app is extremely small). After all, why do the 
same things over and over again ?

Regards ...

Varol Okan :)

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