[Kdenlive-devel] Proposal : make the scenelist format for SMIL-like

Jason Wood jasonwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 13:11:30 UTC 2003

On Monday 22 December 2003 12:05, Luc Sorgue wrote:
> Hello, I've subscribed to the mailing list a few month ago, as I wanted
> to contribute to the project.

Cool :-)

> This is my first post, please be tolerant :-)

I try not to make a habit of scaring away first-time posters :-)

> I have a question directly related to your proposal : did you ever
> consider the use of SMIL to describe/save a scenelist ? Video and sound
> clip, transitions, effects, almost everything could already be described
> within a SMIL file (well, we would have to examine precisely what
> "almost" means).

We initially looked at SMIL, but at the time it seemed over-complicated for 
what we was trying to achieve, and in some areas such as effects, it is 

The biggest advantage of SMIL is that it is standardised, so by supporting 
SMIL we would achieve some level of compatability with other applications - 
Kino uses a subset of SMIL, although it is not quite compliant - it specifies 
time in frames, rather than in seconds without qualifiers to indicate it as 

I do not think we should commit ourselves to supporting SMIL, but as long as 
our scenelists are describing exactly the same information as SMIL in exactly 
the same way, I don't any particular reason for us to be different ;-)


Jason Wood
Homepage : www.uchian.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk

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