[Kdenlive-devel] Proposal : make the scenelist format for SMIL-like

Luc Sorgue sorgue at gmx.de
Mon Dec 22 12:05:39 UTC 2003

Hello, I've subscribed to the mailing list a few month ago, as I wanted 
to contribute to the project.

This is my first post, please be tolerant :-)

I have a question directly related to your proposal : did you ever 
consider the use of SMIL to describe/save a scenelist ? Video and sound 
clip, transitions, effects, almost everything could already be described 
within a SMIL file (well, we would have to examine precisely what 
"almost" means).

Luc Sorgue

smil 2.0 specifications :

Jason Wood a écrit :

>It is now possible to load Kino project files, and save VEML scenelists in 
>Loading a sample kino file and saving it as a scenelist shows a very close 
>match to the information they save. See attached files.
>(the "smil" file is the kino project, the "veml" file is the kdenlive 
>In fact, other than tag names and the "duration" attribute for scenes, the 
>differences between the scenelist and smil are non-existant at this stage.
>My proposal  is just to make the tag names the same as SMIL - so, use seq 
>instead of scene, etc.
>What do you think?

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