[Kdenlive-devel] Finally, a few keyboard shortcuts.

Reinhard Amersberger protux at web.de
Tue Apr 29 17:00:51 UTC 2003

kdenlive-devel at lists.sourceforge.net schrieb am 27.04.03 23:20:41:
> Hi people,
> I finally got round to adding a few keyboard shortcuts. There are still a few 
> difficulties involving the "active monitor" that I need to sort out but it 
> works in principle. At the moment, you change the active monitor by 
> performing an action that affects a monitor. Selecting a clip activates the 
> clip monitor, seeking on the workspace activates the workspace monitor. There 
> is currently no way to simply select a monitor to make it active.

What do you think about using the ESC-key to toggle between the monitors?
AVID use the ESC-key to activate the timeline, for example.

Also it would be helpful to make it more distinct which monitor is active.

>  Committed now to CVS. Let me know how your compilation goes, etc. 
> In particular the changes are :
> - I removed the admin directory and added an admin2_13 and admin2_5 directory. 
> Just symlink whichever one matches the version of autoconf you want to use. 
> E.g. :
> for autoconf 2.13:
> ln -s admin2_13 admin

I have 2.13 and it works fine.

> - Pressing Left and Right arrows moves the active monitor forwards/backwards 
> one frame. Holding your finger on the button and you step through lots of 
> frames ;-)

works fine :-)

> - Pressing '[' and ']' sets the inpoints and outpoints on the monitor. Since 
> these are still non-functional, there is little use of this, but it does hint 
> that inpoints and outpoints will work in the non-to-distant future ;-)

This is easy to use with english keyboard layout, but not on german keyboards, because germans have to press 'Alt GR + 8' and 'ALT GR + 9' (I'm not sure, but 'Alt GR' must be the Meta key in linux world, right?)
Maybe it is better to use the I and O key just like most other NLE's too?

> - pressing space makes the active monitor play or pause. If you press space to 
> stop it and then press space again to play, it starts playing from where it 
> started playing the first time (i.e., not where it paused). Whilst this may 
> be the desired behaviour, it is an accident at the moment :-)

Both functions are useful in my opinion.
So there should be a pause and a stop action in the end.

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