[Kdenlive-devel] Status of the User Interace.

Christian Berger einStein at donau.de
Sat May 4 15:41:56 UTC 2002

Jason Wood schrieb:
> On Saturday 04 May 2002 3:29 pm, Christian Berger wrote:
> > > Drag and drop is going to be one of the main ways for editing (at least
> > > to begin with). If you want to preview a clip, you can drag it to the
> > > monitor, if you want to put a clip on the timeline, you drag it to the
> > > timeline. If you want move a clip around on the timeline, you'll drag it
> > > around. If you want to preview a clip in an external movie viewer, you
> > > drag the clip to that viewer.
> >
> > Well I'd put a drop "button" in the preview window, with which you can
> > append the current selection in the previewer at the current position.
> > For effitcient usage we have to have the basic functionality accessible
> > over single-key commands. People from the editing world aren't used to
> > drag and drop. However dragging and dropping might be good for many
> > other users. However I don't think people will drag video files into the
> > previewer.
> Agreed. The basic point is to make sure that every intuitive action that might
> do something is covered, and I'm starting with drag 'n' drop.

I guess it's also easiest for the moment.

> I recall that there was another video editor (but I can't remember it's name)
> that boasted that you could edit everything vi-style without using the mouse.
> That might be interesting for power users :-)

Yes, well maybe not really vi-style, but still efficient and fast. Maybe
things like cursor keys to move inside the composition window, as well
as the window in which you select what part of the file you want, then
maybe the j key together with the number keys to jump forward and
backwards, but those all are minor topics since they can be added later.
> Cheers,
> Jason

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