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Jason Wood jasonwood at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat May 4 14:54:05 UTC 2002

On Saturday 04 May 2002 3:39 pm, Christian Berger wrote:
> Jason Wood schrieb:
> > On Saturday 04 May 2002 1:40 pm, Christian Berger wrote:
> > > > To be honest, the last several formats that we've been throwing
> > > > around now are basically the same idea, with different amounts of
> > > > syntactical sugar thrown on top. I'd pick the one that looks easiest
> > > > to parse, so that you can concentrate on the main task of actually
> > > > cutting files together, rather than trying to figure out what your
> > > > supposed to be cutting ;-)
> > >
> > > Well the right format is extremely important. I'd go with my last
> > > suggestion. Splitting the cutting into "sceenes" might be the best
> > > idea. The problem is I still have to learn quite a lot of C, I'm not
> > > really fammiliar with it.
> >
> > I was talking not so much about things like scene tags/commands, rather
> > things like making sure that the actual syntax is easy to parse -
> > remember that this file will be written by another computer program 90%
> > of the time (and the other 10% will be debuging :-) so there's no need
> > for adding any special syntax just to make the file easier to read and
> > write for humans. Saying that, I think comments would probably be worth
> > adding, and if we strictly define that each line contains a seperate
> > command, everything becomes a lot simpler to parse.
> Actually such scene tags/commands are essential. A scene means a special
> setup of effects and inputs. If you want to break the structure of your
> effects (your effect "tree") you have to start a new scene. It's the
> only way of doing something like that which comes to my mind and still
> stay sane. So "scenes" are essential, but adding an identifier is purely
> for debugging (as well as nice progress indication). Inside a scene
> nothing changes, all used streams will advance by the same amount of
> time. (we might want to specify what streams are used in this scene)
> Scenes are monolithic blocks, which don't need anything from other
> blocks. So we could render several scenes in parallel and use another
> project to stitch the results together.


Do you want to have a go at coming up with a specification for the file 
format? I don't think there's much more room for discussion at this overview 
level - I think we need to go into more specific details of the file format 

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>   Casandro


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