KDE Plasma issue with tooltip position covered by mouse cursor

Lorenzo Sutton lorenzofsutton at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 17:33:47 GMT 2024

Hi community,

I have an issue with tooltip position and (possibly) mouse cursor (size).

My mouse cursor is set to Adwanita with a size of 48 and many 
application tooltips seem to 'ignore' or miscalculate the actual cursor 
size and place the tooltip right under the cursor - typically the 'tail' 
of the arrow pointer - I imagine the expected size is 24 (which I 
believe is the default size in most themes).

The problem is that often tooltips hold valuable information which gets 
hidden in this way.

I can't find a pattern for this with UI toolkits apart from the fact 
that some specific GTK applicaitons like GIMP and Inkscape seem to 
correctly 'shift' tooltips out of the way of the mouse cursor 
(calculating better its actual size) as expected.

Theme and 'application style' are Breeze. Changing these (apart from 
resetting the cursor to whatever the theme includes), doesn't seem to 
mitigate the issue.

Here is a screenshot mashup of different applications where I'm 
experiencing the issue:


Any ideas or hints to any settings or theme hacks for this?

This is with X and the following versions:
KDE Plasma: 5.27.10
QT version: 5.15.12

Running on Manjaro with the whole KDE desktop installed.


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