bnacht bnacht at
Fri Jul 28 09:36:37 BST 2023

Am 28.07.23 um 09:07 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> I think also Thunderbird has a feed-reeding addon.
Indeed, but it is a bad implementation. After some Month an a few
thousend new the DB is damaged an chrashed the whole system. I cloud not
recommend TB as RSS-Reader.

> Unfortunately Akonadi still does have its issues. After I bet about 10
> years of its introduction or even more. That is really sad, cause it
> sheds a bad image on KDE. Many KDE applications are outright excellent!
> Plasma is really nice these days. But Akonadi and Baloo are two parts of
> KDE that IMHO still need work to fix them up (or replace them with
> something that works reliably).
Exact! Akonadi and Baloo are the grave digger for KDE!

They should remove or repair this @#$% frameworks, or -better- replace
it by a better developed framework.

A PC needs a desktop with a integrated PIM. Thats is what user wants
today as a base. KDE could be this part perfectly, but with Akonadi and
Baloo this is failing.

I have read sometime that users should change the DB to PGSQL or SQLite.
But as long as this is not done as default, KDE will lack of this issue.


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