Martin Steigerwald martin at
Fri Jul 28 08:07:37 BST 2023

bnacht - 28.07.23, 07:47:32 CEST:
> jftr: Yes, there is an AddOn.

I think also Thunderbird has a feed-reeding addon.

Also Evolution has one it seems:

Whether and if so how good it works: No idea.

I use Evolution at work cause it works much better with Microsoft 365. 
(Not my decision, not my decision that we use that stuff.)

Evolution may be a good alternative as a mail reader and calender app in 
case you look after something that feature wise is similar to KDEPIM / 
Kontact. I never had any issues with the mail storage technology they 
use and Evolution mail client has been much more, as in much more 
reliable than Akonadi based KMail. Granted: My work setup is not as big 
as my private one regarding the amount of mails. (Microsoft 365 aka 
Exchange does not handle large amounts of mails in a folder very well, 
if at all. A Dovecot IMAP mail server runs circles around it. 

Unfortunately Akonadi still does have its issues. After I bet about 10 
years of its introduction or even more. That is really sad, cause it 
sheds a bad image on KDE. Many KDE applications are outright excellent! 
Plasma is really nice these days. But Akonadi and Baloo are two parts of 
KDE that IMHO still need work to fix them up (or replace them with 
something that works reliably). Akonadi more so than Baloo, but Baloo 
still causes trouble at times as well. But I am repeating myself on 
this. As I do not feel comfortable to dig into Akonadi code base myself, 
I tried once and even with lots of help fixed a performance issue in 
maildir backend, but did not really understand how Akonadi works even 
after I did that, I leave it at that. 

Hopefully some day.


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