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bnacht posted on Thu, 27 Jul 2023 14:21:10 +0200 as excerpted:

> I search for an RSS-Reader which can be used in KDE.
> I found:
> Akregator: Perfect KDE, but no maintenance. Needs akonadi which slows
> down my whole system

When the kdepim apps (I used akregator and kmail... for a decade) jumped 
the akonadi shark it was too bad.  I'll leave it at that...

> Lifera: Ugly UI; waste of space;
> RSS Guard: Ugly in use; double post not filtered;
> What RSS Reader do you use?

What I switched to for both email and feeds is the gtk-based claws-mail, 
which is /perfect/ for my needs as an email client (resisting the urge to 
stray into that discussion...), but in all honesty, its best feature as a 
feed reader is that it's claws and thus already a familiar interface to 
those using claws for mail (and/or perhaps news/nntp, for which I prefer 

As a stand-alone feed reader, claws-mail works, but I'd not consider it 
anything special.  OTOH, if you're coming from akonadified akregator 
perhaps "works and is stable, unlikely to be jumping any sharks any time 
soon" is a primary draw, as it definitely was for me for mail and to a 
somewhat lessor extent for feeds, in which case claws might be just the 

Claws has long been X-based but (like most modern gtk-based programs) now 
works well in native wayland mode too and thus on kde/plasma-wayland (which 
is where I use it).  For that you'll need version 4.x -- I'm currently 
running 4.1.1 (the latest, released October, 2022).

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