Martin Steigerwald martin at
Thu Jul 27 14:18:44 BST 2023

Copied in KDEPIM users mailing list, as someone might have a 
recommendation there as well.

Hi Bernd.

bnacht - 27.07.23, 14:21:10 CEST:
> I search for an RSS-Reader which can be used in KDE.
> I found:
> Akregator: Perfect KDE, but no maintenance. Needs akonadi which slows
> down my whole system

Akregator does not use Akonadi but Metakit to store feed data. One issue 
is that Akregator seems to keep each feed in its own Metakit file *and* 
keeps all the files open at all times¹. Which could make it necessary to 
raise the maximum number of open files.

[1] - Paul uses a different 
tool now, you may be able to ask him.

Also there have been several crash bugs reported with corrupted Metakit 
files over the years.

I do not agree with no maintenance regarding Akregator. AFAIK it is 
maintained. It just does not see much of feature work if any at all. 
Occasionally there are some fixes and Qt / KF 6 porting work mostly done 
by Laurent Montel².


If you just like to use Akregator from KDEPIM suite and due to 
dependencies the package manager insists on Akonadi, then I suggest you 
switch Akonadi to SQLite database. I do that on all my machines where I 
do not use the other KDEPIM applications like KMail.

[ Other RSS Readers ]

Did you try QuiteRSS² as well? Its Qt based. But does not appear to see 
any development since 2020:


I believe there is a pretty decent console based RSS reader available. I 
do not recall its name. Maybe that is something for you.

> What RSS Reader do you use?

Still Akregator. For me it works stable and fast enough.

I tried some others including QuiteRSS but always went back to 
Akregator. For me it does the job better than the others.

I have 313 Metakit 4 files with a total of 1,7 GiB with posts dating back 
to 2004, but mostly starting at 2005. So almost 20 years. Akregator 
claims that it stored a bit more than 29000 posts. Not sure whether that 
number is accurate, it seems a bit low for me.


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