Chrome interferes with KDE

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 3 09:33:17 BST 2022

On Sunday October 02 2022 17:12:58 Jerome wrote:

>to somewhere else. Reboot tomorrow morning I guess... 70 days is doing pretty 
>well for KDE 4...

Fedora is still providing a KDE 4 desktop??

My FranKubunto 14.04 with Plasma4 desktop but self-built, parallel-installed KF5 versions of my main KDE apps is now at 69 days uptime. I don't use GChrome; the only reasons for reboots are either because it's about as fast as logging off and back in and will really free all resources, or because a pm-sleep doesn't complete and I have to power-cycle.


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