how to autohide the panel?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Wed Feb 23 18:52:41 GMT 2022

On 2/23/22 11:12, Patrick Nagel wrote:
> On Wednesday, 23 February 2022 16:47:03 CET hw wrote:
>> I have set the panel to autohide and it's not hiding except
>> sometimes:(   Instead the windows go underneath the panel,
>> which is very annoying.


IME, the most common reason for this is an app doing some update/notification function forcing the panel to pop up to handle the notification event.

This could be a download in a web browser (you see the browser icon with a progress indicator scanning across the icon), or other app trying to get your attention to show some state changing or warning. (perhaps something in the system tray

Yes, this can be frustrating to identify exactly what's "misbehaving"  (the panel is doing what it was designed to do, but it's not what you expect).

I don't offhand know If/How there are knobs to control the panel behavior's handling of such update/notification events in autohide mode, but that's where you should start digging.

Perhaps try looking at:

     kcmshell5 notify

and context-clicking (right-mouse) the notifications system tray icon (Configure Notifications) and fiddle with the "track file transfers and other jobs" and "show application and system notifications" buttons.  (you'll probably lose the usefulness of the notifier.  maybe you can run that with plasmawindowed instead?

I guess now that i have one or more 4K monitors on my desktops i just don't try to use 'autohide anymore" :-/


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