how to autohide the panel?

Patrick Nagel mail at
Wed Feb 23 18:12:51 GMT 2022


On Wednesday, 23 February 2022 16:47:03 CET hw wrote:
> I have set the panel to autohide and it's not hiding except
> sometimes :(  Instead the windows go underneath the panel,
> which is very annoying.

Not happening for me (Plasma 5.22.5 on Kubuntu 21.10).

> Is there a way to get the panel to automatically hide like it's
> supposed to?  How is it possible that even simple things like
> this still aren't working after 25 years or so of KDE?

Your post would have been more useful if you had stated the Plasma version 
you're using, and if you had omitted that last sentence ;)


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