How to submit a feature request to KDE

Andy B anditosan1000 at
Wed Apr 20 15:12:53 BST 2022

This behavior is possible right now. You can edit the positions of your
items if you right click, edit, your taskbar. You can select the items and
move them however you prefer. Once that’s completed, you can exit edit mode
and the new layout will be saved.

On April 20, 2022 at 10:09:49 AM, Peter Humphrey (peter at

Hello list,

I wish to request a different kind of Task Manager, if that's the right
the thing with the time and date at one end and the K button at the other.

We have a few options already, but what I'd like is a bar that toggles
visible and not, whenever the mouse pointer enters its domain. Just a
manually controlled switch.

My reason is that I still prefer the keyboard in preference to the mouse.
Maybe that's because there weren't any mice in 1972 when I went on my first
computer hardware course.

How can I go about submitting such a request?

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