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Wed Oct 27 12:19:17 BST 2021

René J.V. Bertin posted on Mon, 25 Oct 2021 13:57:26 +0200 as excerpted:

> Pity you didn't post screenshots. I'm not seeing (much) vertical screen
> waste in the window titlebars, not with my QtCurve theme in any case. In
> fact, (much) less padding would probably start looking weird; there's
> certainly no margin to get an extra line of text for instance.

Well, try Noto Sans font, 10 pt (I tried 8 pt but it was too small, 9 pt 
took the same vertical px spacing as 10, and 11 jumped vertical size 
again, so 10 it was), regular, 100% scale @ a standard 96 dpi (tho the 
real dpi is 60-ish on the 4k 75"), no sub-pixel-antialiasing.  15 px high 
titlebars.  Without the patch it was ~30 px!

I can see the bottom horizontal swingline of a lower-case g, but it's on 
the bottom px and in fact looks like it may continue below the line by a 
px.  There's two px clearance below normal letters.

Numbers and most uppercase letters have a 1 px clearance above, while 
letters like l (that's el, not one or capital eye) extend the extra px as 
does the dot on the i.  The titlebar has a slightly ligher colored px 
above that but I believe it's the 3D effect and I'm not sure whether the 
text could extend into it or not.

So ASCII's very readable as I believe any "western" alphabet would be, 
but I'm not sure about pictographs/emoji/etc.  But ideally it'd be an 
option and the default could stay as-is, so they'd not be affected unless 
someone specifically set it to such.   And while the sweeps are visible 
there's no margin at all, which could be bad especially if the titlebar 
color blends with the application color -- it does not, here.

I'd not want that sort of spacing for multi-line, *definitely* not for 
more than 2-3 lines, but for a single-line titlebar that I want as 
vertically short as possible while still being easily readable, it's my 

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