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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Oct 25 12:57:26 BST 2021

On Monday October 25 2021 10:30:52 Duncan wrote:

>So I switched to the oxygen windeco which would have been my choice 
>anyway, were the vertical titlebar padding not so ridiculously space-

That's what I'm using too ATM, when I'm using KWin. I long had all kinds of annoying glitches with compositing enabled (i915 style embedded GPU...) until I figured out that you can have KWin use XRender as the backend and still get the few effect I want, without glitching. But I'm ready to revert back to using xfwm4 as soon as that turns out to be a better solution (with the Mint-X theme it looks fine to me).

>Turns out it was easier to find and patch out the oxygen windeco space-
>wasting padding than it was to find whatever bug was triggering the 
>aurorae-engine windeco titlebar draw failures.  I'm not a dev so couldn't 


Pity you didn't post screenshots. I'm not seeing (much) vertical screen waste in the window titlebars, not with my QtCurve theme in any case. In fact, (much) less padding would probably start looking weird; there's certainly no margin to get an extra line of text for instance.

I too have been building all KF5 stuff myself, plus Qt5, the latter with quite a few patches (but many KF5 frameworks aren't exactly stock either). On my current system all that is installed in a subprefix (a la Gentoo Prefix) that  isn't known to ldconfig by default. That'd be another reason not to move to a Plasma5 desktop; none of my current systems is dimensioned to handle frequent updating from source if I want to use them for other things too (and maintaining all those patches also has a significant cost, in my experience).

I spend most of my time interacting with the system via the terminal anyway; even when I do need a file browser I tend to launch it from there (saves me from moving or minimising windows to uncover desktop icons).


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