Problems with recent plasma versions

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri Oct 22 10:45:55 BST 2021

On Friday October 22 2021 10:03:36 Peter Humphrey wrote:

>In fact, they used to open with the prompt showing the directory it was in 
>last time.

That's what the Konsole 20.11.70 version I use does too, even under my trusty old Plasma4 DE. I'm pretty certain that is not entirely a Konsole feature, but has something to do with session management features. I know almost nothing about those, whether those are implemented entirely in some Plasma library or whether Plasma builds on a system library for this.

>> How about windows of other applications?
>Nothing else is affected.
>My impression, from watching the logout process, is that Konsole is not 
>shutting itself down neatly, or at all, and eventually it just has the ground 
>wrenched out from under it.

Those situations are hard to debug if you don't have another machine. I don't know what kind of startup process (for desktop apps) Gentoo uses (FWIW, my Ubuntu version uses upstart), but it must maintain a logfile containing the output of every application that you start other than from a terminal window. That file should contain more information if your hunch is right.

Still, if the session information comes from a Plasma or system library/service, it should matter less if Konsole gets the chance to exit properly.

A thought, do you use a custom widget style?

>> Again, only Konsole windows, or any and all windows?
>Just Konsole.

Do you have any other terminal emulators that have session support, a Gnome terminal, xfce4-terminal or maybe some more advanced X11 terminal? If those do NOT display the same issue then it's probably some regression in Konsole.
But you could just file a ticket for this under Konsole on BKO. The Konsole devs know what they're doing, so they'll tell you to what other application or library to change the report if necessary.

Alternatively you could report it on the Gentoo bug tracker. That could be more appropriate unless they track all the latest KDE releases without any patching of their own.

>This started happening just after a plasma update. I've nothing fancy in X or 

And it was just a Plasma update, you didn't miss something else among the presumably huge number of packages?


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