Problems after upgrade to Fedora-34

Jonathan Ryshpan jonrysh at
Tue Jun 29 23:01:18 BST 2021

    A recent upgrade from Fedora-33 to Fedora-34 has introduced these
   new system to select which desktop to move a window between desktops
   to is not a good one.  To move a window one has to select
   Top-Decoration->Desktops and tick the (additional) desktop that
   the window should be on, then do this again to untick the current
   a window icon in the pager from one desktop to another no longer
   moves the related window from that desktop to the other.   (Or
   possibly there is some option that needs to be set?)
   Firefox is quitted and then restarted, it no longer restores its
   windows to the desktops that they were on before it was quitted.
   no longer gives much info about packages being upgraded.  For
   my current upgrade it simply reports "System Upgrade / 62
   packages to upgrade".  This is not useful in getting info
   about unfamiliar packages or finding out whether a reboot is
   .jpg files are not previewed on the Desktop.  I have no idea
   about why some and not others.

Platform: Fedora-34
KDE Plasma: 5.22.2
KDE Framework: 5.83.0
Graphics: Wayland

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