Use "Web Shortcuts" to open a selected URL?

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Tue Sep 15 11:16:00 BST 2020

On Tuesday 15 September 2020 11:51:11 CEST René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess we're all familiar with documents (say, emails) containing links to
> websites that are not "clickable", so you have to copy and then paste them
> into your browser.
> I've tried to come up with something to use the Web Shortcuts feature to
> open them with just 2 clicks, but failed until now. The feature really
> seems to be designed to open the selected text in a search engine.
> I guess that what you'd need is an existing simple web proxy that takes an
> encoded URL and then sends you there, so you could create a shortcut to
> something like `\{@}`. I haven't found one yet (hard to come
> up with a selective search key!). Alternatively, if the feature supports
> local file URLs and those support arguments, you could replace the
> `` part with a `file://path/to/goto.html/` file.
> I have about zero experience doing web/html/JS coding but maybe someone 
> can tell me if this is possible and give me some pointers?
> Thanks,
> R.

Hi there,

I just played around with it a bit and came up with this:

I have a simple HTML file located locally on my computer and use JavaScript to 
correctly parse the URL.

My shortcut URL is


I am using {0} here so you can also preserve the parameters of an URL (?

That file's content is here: 

Sefa Eyeoglu[1] 


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