Use "Web Shortcuts" to open a selected URL?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Tue Sep 15 10:51:11 BST 2020


I guess we're all familiar with documents (say, emails) containing links to websites that are not "clickable", so you have to copy and then paste them into your browser.

I've tried to come up with something to use the Web Shortcuts feature to open them with just 2 clicks, but failed until now. The feature really seems to be designed to open the selected text in a search engine.

I guess that what you'd need is an existing simple web proxy that takes an encoded URL and then sends you there, so you could create a shortcut to something like `\{@}`. I haven't found one yet (hard to come up with a selective search key!).
Alternatively, if the feature supports local file URLs and those support arguments, you could replace the `` part with a `file://path/to/goto.html/` file.

I have about zero experience doing web/html/JS coding but maybe someone here can tell me if this is possible and give me some pointers?


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