Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client?

Stakanov stakanov at
Sat Oct 17 21:14:09 BST 2020

In data sabato 17 ottobre 2020 21:33:19 CEST, J.B. Nicholson ha scritto:
> I'm not keen to post complete credentials information here.
Understood and acknowledged.

> I was never
> asked about connection encryption options (SSL/TLS, StartTLS) nor
> connection ports for either IMAP nor SMTP connections. I believe that the
> wizard should figure those things out, picking reasonable options in order
> to successfully connect to my IMAP and SMTP servers with the credentials I
> supplied. This is what other MUAs do and (at least for Thunderbird) it
> appears to work.

I have to disappoint you on this point. Not all providers are correctly 
recognized in Kmail with the wizard. I had this case several times, so it is 
not "rare". Partially this may be because the server does not give true 
information or offers some services (that are preferred by Kmail) but only to 
paying users (just to tell you why this could happen, not that this is your 

In order to go over the problem, try to click on the button "details" when it 
This should first an empty white page then show the progress of the creation 
and, even if it fails, it should create the entry in the tag reception - that 
you can reach afterwards in settings - account - reception. You then go and 
choose it and click on "modify" and play with the ports and the ssl/tls or 
starttls. Same for sending. 

Normally the standard ports for imap are:
Port 143 for STARTTLS 
Port 993 for SSL/TLS. 

If you have correctly coupled these settings, then it is possible that you run 
into a bug that I encountered in the past (I do not have Debian so I do not 
know if it uses kwallet. Sometimes the integration of kwallet does not work 
correctly. To find out if this is your problem you may select to not remember 
the password so you are not prompted for kwallet and you have a variable less, 
so you can be sure that wallet is not involved and the account has the right 
password when doing the handshake with the server. 

BTW (you know that too, I am sure) the smtp is port 25 (normally blocked), 
nowadays 465 and in some rare cases without encryption 2525. 
Be aware that in the past it was 587 (but that was deprecated. Some however 
still use it). 

Hope that helps.

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