Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client?

Mr Ash mr333ash at
Mon Oct 12 15:04:10 BST 2020

It is strange to me that it has become slow. I have used different
distributions and my laptop is not very powerful. But KMail has always
worked pretty quickly and smoothly, of course it was not without glitches.

пн, 12 окт. 2020 г. в 06:20, dragon at <dragon at

> Long time ago I  was using kmail, until it become slow and buggy.
> Many would say that Akonadi was too blame.
> Now after years I again try to use kmail again (since Thunderbird
> butchered the PGP and its integrated support if it is subpar).
> But kmail again stops working after short while - all emails are in
> "Connection Established" state (in config - accounts - receiving).
> Quick googling leads to threads from 5-7 years ago, again pointing at
> fault of Akondai.
> Was this a mistake to use Akonadi (or add enough polish to work over
> this problems)?
> Should someone start kmail3 that actually can be usable?
> First of, the error reporting/debugging is not intuitive nor informative.
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