Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client? blame akonadi.

dragon at dragon at
Mon Oct 12 12:38:21 BST 2020

It doesn't download any new emails - because of buggy Akondai, it seems.

Solution is known since years - restart akonadi server, then it started 
to work.

But I blame kmail itself too, it fails slinently,  you click download 
button and NOTHING happens. It should say "timeout contacting that 
god-damned Akonadi, after 5 seconds" at very least.

And there should be in program way to debug what it is doing, but no

- the status bar (that shows x% completed when downloading) doesn't 
change and shows nothing. It should show "0%, contacting Akondai 
backend" or something as the very first step.
- konsole output doesn't show anything
- tools - log activites showsn nothing.  What an useless tool! What is 
supposed to do anyway?

I use kmail from Debian here,
dpkg says I  have kmail "kmail 4:18.08.3-1" but kmail  about says 
"Version 5.9.3"
and I use mysql backend (only it is installed).

If I insteall postgresql then will it work fine?
I do not want to manually run SQL command or something just to use email 
(that would be a CRAZY thing to require end user to do).

On 12/10/2020 06:56, Marek Kochanowicz wrote:
> It works completly fine for me and has been for years now.
> dragon at pisze:
>> Long time ago I was using kmail, until it become slow and buggy.
>> Many would say that Akonadi was too blame.
>> Now after years I again try to use kmail again (since Thunderbird
>> butchered the PGP and its integrated support if it is subpar).
>> But kmail again stops working after short while - all emails are in
>> "Connection Established" state (in config - accounts - receiving).
>> Quick googling leads to threads from 5-7 years ago, again pointing at
>> fault of Akondai.
>> Was this a mistake to use Akonadi (or add enough polish to work over
>> this problems)?
>> Should someone start kmail3 that actually can be usable?
>> First of, the error reporting/debugging is not intuitive nor informative.

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