Years later, kmail still is not a viable email client?

Marek Kochanowicz sirherrbatka at
Mon Oct 12 12:15:52 BST 2020

Yeah, i actually have manjaro on the other machine and kmail works there fine 
as well. So it seems for me that questionable packaging techniques are a 
factor here but I can't tell the precise details.

As for the importance of the akonadi: it is actually a well designed piece of 
software architecture that simplifies all PIM apps drastically. Removing 
akonadi from PIM is not only (IMHO) pointless but also prohibitively expensive 
endeavor. Instead I would try to investigate what is the actual problem with 
the packaging and try to seek some kind of remedy for it. 

Paul Brown pisze:
> On lunes, 12 de octubre de 2020 11:28:14 (CEST) Marek Kochanowicz wrote:
> > Just to be clear, I am using MySQL (mariadb) backend. KMail2 works just
> > fine with that. I am on the arch linux though.
> Same here (Manjaro though). Haven't had a problem in several years.

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