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René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 09:40:13 BST 2020

On Sunday June 14 2020 21:41:32 Draciron Smith wrote:

>Thanks on the unison tip. I'm going to try it out. I do most of my
>recording and class work on the Mac and plan to mirror that on a couple
>Linux boxes for back up and since I do most of my editing and final work on
>recording on Linux. It'll be handy to have the mixdowns pushed over to a
>Linux box automatically.

Unison is not meant for automatic jobs, at least not the versions I know. It will give you a list of changed files (and files of which properties have changed) but expects the operator to verify and then issue the go command. If you just want to mirror changes, pushing (or pulling) the latest state automatically rsync with a `--delete` option will work just as well.

BTW, since you mention backups: there are people who have worked on a TimeMachine equivalent for ZFS, using snapshots to achieve something OS X does with (directory) hard links (and possibly the APFS snapshot equivalent now).

>KDE4 was a good distribution. I ran it on this machine for years and it ran

It was (desktop environment, not distribution :)) . Now that you mention it, I've meaning meaning to ask around if a KDE4 equivalent of the Trinity project exist because I too would prefer to keep running a Plasma4 desktop (mostly QML free) with a select few KDE5 apps that I build and install myself through a customised MacPorts system.

>great. Tried KDE 5 when my distro ceased being supported. With 4 gigs of
>RAM the machine became unusable. Gnome just as bad.

KDE was always better than Gnome, it presumably still is - but that doesn't help on older, resource-limited hardware.
You could try LXQT. Or LiquidShell (https://github.com/KDE/liquidshell), a QML-free, purely QWidget-based replacement for plasmashell. I had a brief look at it a year or 2 (or 3) ago and found it makes true on its promises (but lacks/ed configuration options and I didn't its default configuration).

>could boot and that was it. The KDE 4 version of Krusader I really liked.
>KDE 5 version isn't noticeably different.

I have no experience with it (I think I moved to Mac too early and never got to use the MSDOS apps like PC-Shell sufficiently to grow a dependency on it (like I did with vi, for instance). I might give it a try. My Dolphin5 build works fine on Mac but I always stumble over the fact you can only drag any file from the Finder to Dolphin; the other way only works for local files (because the Finder doesn't know about protocols other than file://). Doing things in a single split-screen window would prevent the error.

I did start some work with the Dolphin people to make it a 1st-class citizen on Mac, allowing it to register as a handler for directory URIs for instance. We got a bit side-tracked, and there is a problem where dolphin windows loose focus after a direcory (re)load which must be due to the use of kioslaves that run as applications which need to be able to put up dialogs.


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