notification button label inconsistent

Georg Schabel hello at
Mon Sep 30 20:03:06 BST 2019

On Friday, 20 September 2019 22.06.49 CEST hw wrote:
> Maybe you need to make a bug report?  I can't say much about this because
> I'm not using audacious; and I can only guess it may be a problem with
> audacious rather than with notifications because when you can have a dialog
> with buttons, that's a dialog and not a notification.
You're probably right. For now i just turn off the playback buttons and let it 
show only the song info.
And I'll open a bug report when I figure out how to reproduce it.

> Since you like notifications, have you found a way to configure the duration
> of notifications?
Not really. Something like this maybe?
But it seems like it won't work with the new plasma versions. (from the 
comments, didn't try it by myself)
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