notification button label inconsistent

hw hw at
Fri Sep 20 21:06:49 BST 2019

On Friday, September 20, 2019 9:21:33 PM CEST Georg Schabel wrote:
> On Friday, 20 September 2019 21.07.18 CEST hw wrote:
> > On Friday, September 20, 2019 8:50:12 PM CEST hello at wrote:
> > > [...]
> > > PS:  juke doesn't support streams, does it? Is there any other
> > > __lightweight__ Prog like audacious for KDE?
> > 
> > It all depends which features you like: vnc, mpv, mplayer and ffplay all
> > support streams.
> > 
> > Aren't all these notifications rather annoying?
> aah, i want to see and skip a >2min "blank" intro if i don't like the track.

You can do that with the programs mentioned above.  But why do you need a 
notification to figure out that you don't like a track?

> ...and if i wouldn't like notifications, i wouldn't use kde ;)

It does have features other than notifications? :)

> maybe i'll setup a mpd daemon with notification script.
>  but still, something's wrong with audacious notifications/kde
> notifications.

Maybe you need to make a bug report?  I can't say much about this because I'm 
not using audacious; and I can only guess it may be a problem with audacious 
rather than with notifications because when you can have a dialog with 
buttons, that's a dialog and not a notification.

Since you like notifications, have you found a way to configure the duration 
of notifications?  I'd like a list of notifications that have come up during, 
for example, the last 24 hours (or whatever time period I configure).  I could 
browse the list when I want and optionally prevent the notifications from 
bothering me.

This is especially useful for things that take a while, like it can take quite 
a while to copy a few GB of files from one computer to another.  The way 
dolphin does it, I have to wait for the notification to show up or otherwise I 
might never see it because the notification is nowhere to be found anymore.

And I can tell you that a file manager that won't show the progress and won't 
even show you whether an operation has been completed or not sucks really 

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