Konsole tab accellerators -- how to disable?

clarjon1 info at clarjon1.com
Tue Sep 10 17:19:17 BST 2019

Konsole version  19.07.90, Archlinux

I wish to disable the behaviour where holding alt causes the tab
switching accelerators showing up in Konsole, as it is causing
shortcuts inside terminal applications such as my IRC client from
working when I have too many tabs open.
I've gone thru settings and didn't see anything obvious, didn't see
anything in the shortcut assignment system (which makes sense as this
is automatically done.)

Made for a incredibly frustrating experience this morning as I
groggily tried to go thru messages only to have it keep jumping to
different tabs. Doubly so as I could not find a way to disable this

Screenshot below of accelerators being displayed when holding Alt.


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