Setting Chromium flags via Plasma app launcher

Ave Milia avemilia at
Tue Sep 10 14:51:18 BST 2019

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 3:33 PM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at> wrote:

> On Tuesday September 10 2019 12:03:17 Ave Milia wrote:
> > Terminal=false
> > TerminalOptions=--disable-font-subpixel-positioning
> I think this is for passing options to the terminal emulator programme.

Correct. See attempt 3 in the original message. Unless Terminal is true, the command line can be whatever (in GUI it is greyed out).

> However,
> > Exec=CHROMIUM_USER_FLAGS="--disable-font-subpixel-positioning" chromium %u
> Have you tried`Exec=chromium --disable-font-subpixel-positioning %u` ?

This is covered by attempt 1 in the original message.

> > export CHROMIUM_USER_FLAGS="--disable-font-subpixel-positioning"
> > directly into /usr/bin/chromium
> You can probably also put it in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile, or possiby ~/.login . Putting it in ~/.zshrc likely doesn't have the effect you hope for because the launcher for the desktop environment doesn't use your login shell but either /bin/sh or whatever shell is configured at the top of individual shell scripts.
> > Unfortunately, not on my machine: chromium starts faster, loads page elements faster, has better plugin support (after FF killed XUL, developers
> How many plugins does one still need nowadays?! FF does have somewhat less extensions but the ones I find crucial do exist or can be adapted from the Chrome version with a (half)automated tool.

Different people have different requirements. If you want concrete examples:
1) Vimium. When the last session is restored upon FF opening, vimium is disabled on the tab that loads, and I first need to Ctrl+Shift+R to make it work again. Does not happen in chr.
2) FrankenFaceZ Control Center. Does not work in FF at all, unless the last tab where FF was closed is So to make it work, I need to leave to be the current active tab, close FF, open FF.

Just to combine these two, if I want both vimium and FFZ to work on twitch (and I do want it, always), I need to make twitch tab active, close the browser, open the browser, manually reload the page. Looks like too much work.

In chromium both "just work".

These are just two that I use every day. I had more bugs with different plugins that I cannot remember instantly.

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