kdesyscoca dumps errors onto a window on a different Desktop

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 09:12:07 GMT 2019

On Wednesday November 06 2019 13:05:25 Jerome Yuzyk wrote:
>What's the rationale for dumping into that window on a Desktop I'm not using?

You should know that all your different *virtual* desktops are part of the same session, it is just an organisational convenience provided by the window manager (KWin). Console applications typically do not care about such niceties: they are simply attached to a terminal device (/dev/ttyXX or /dev/pts/YY or something of the sort).

One of those applications is the KDE daemon (kded) which among other things runs the sycoca thingy when you have (un)installed an application. kded will be attached to a terminal device and the applications it spawns will inherit that terminal. Now, kded is launched in the background early during the login procedure, most likely at a time when you do not already have any Konsole or other terminal emulators running. So when your incriminated Konsole instance is launched it grabs that same terminal device, and you start seeing all kinds of output in it. In principle this could be any of the konsoles you start, but in practice it is usually always the same.

I've had the same thing, but for whatever reason it stopped at some point.

>Why isn't that dump going somewhere else like a log file or something?

That's something you'd have to ask to the Plasma developers and/or your distro maintainers. It should indeed be possible.


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