How to operate Calligra?

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Sat Jul 20 08:30:10 BST 2019

In data venerdì 19 luglio 2019 10:24:00 CEST, Peter Humphrey ha scritto:
> Morning all,
> I wanted to try Calligra Words, but I can't see the document I've opened.
> Most of the space is covered with a panel for adjusting formats, as in the
> attached screen shot.
> I used Spectacle to take the shot, but selecting the active window revealed
> the document; I had to select a rectangular region to capture what I see
> ordinarily. Closing Spectacle caused the document to be hidden again. How
> does that work?
> The first recourse was to Help | Handbook, but KDE said there was no such
> handbook - even though I'd installed Calligra with USE=handbook, and the
> package file list included lots of docs.
> How can I use this word processor?

I am quite convinced that you have to give the following information for 
getting any sensible response:
Which distribution are you using (version?)
Which KDE version?
Are the packages from the distribution or did you compile yourself?
Which version is Calligra?
What is your screen size?
What is your screen resolution and dpi settings?
Did you perform any settings on Calligra since install or is it the first use? 

After this I am sure one is able to give you some feedback. 

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