How to operate Calligra?

Peter Humphrey peter at
Fri Jul 19 09:24:00 BST 2019

Morning all,

I wanted to try Calligra Words, but I can't see the document I've opened. Most 
of the space is covered with a panel for adjusting formats, as in the attached 
screen shot.

I used Spectacle to take the shot, but selecting the active window revealed 
the document; I had to select a rectangular region to capture what I see 
ordinarily. Closing Spectacle caused the document to be hidden again. How does 
that work?

The first recourse was to Help | Handbook, but KDE said there was no such 
handbook - even though I'd installed Calligra with USE=handbook, and the 
package file list included lots of docs.

How can I use this word processor?

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