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Mansions Dave md_hamza at outlook.com
Mon Jul 15 12:08:38 BST 2019

I would like to start off my Email by saying that I am a very big fan of KDE and I would also like to thank KDE for being one of the greatest contributors to the world of Free and Open-Source software and Operating Systems . The organization's philanthropic mindset is more than commendable .

Now to get to the subject of my Email , there is currently a bug with the installable version of the Snap Store where it does not open at all , the reason why I am saying this is because Snap Store was the only software that could open AppStreams , the format of software distribution KDE uses on it's website .

I would like to suggest that the KDE "Discover" Store for PC be made available additionally in other ways such as being a Snap itself , and then giving the users the option to install a "Discover App" version of the App Itself .

I would further suggest that emphasis only be given to installing Discover and not any other KDE Software directly as they would obviously be in the Discover Store and it would be better to install them from the Discover Store .

The way that KDE highlights each and every one of it's softwares in it's website is great but instead of giving us the option to install the software using AppStream Directly , we should be constantly reminded to install Discover first and then install the software we were reading about .

This is a completely different issue , I also really hope that the KDE "Discover" Store for PC becomes one of the major players in the world of installable App Stores in Linux , this would of course mean giving third-party Software Developers an extremely easy and convenient way to contribute to Discover .

The absolute best of wishes
Mansions Dave
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