When there will full-color systray icons?

Aleksey Midenkov midenok at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 15:19:19 BST 2019

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 4:09 PM René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thursday April 04 2019 13:24:22 Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> > René, I'd like to see full-color systray icons (not just 2-color flat
> > style)
> 2-tone (black and white aren't colours technically speaking ;)) would
> probably be Breeze. Oxygen has grayscale, i.e. range-of-gray icons.
> > like they were used before this monochrome madness conquered the
> > world.
> For the record, monochrome was the norm long before colour even became
> available. And even now interfaces that are really well thought out and
> designed to be as unobtrusive ("professional") as possible use as little
> colour as possible. Apple's OS remains a great example despite the fact
> that it has been following or even setting the flatness hype after first
> going a bit overboard in the opposite direction.
I would say it's not "professional" when "unobtrusive" wastes your efforts
to differentiate one element from another. The more easy interface is --
the more it is professional.

Colour accents can be useful, but for your WiFi connection strenght
> suggestion we're probably not talking about an icon approach.
> The KIconThemes framework has API for creating effects on existing icons;
> applying colour is probably going to be a lot easier on a monochrome
> substrate. But that's something that would have to be done by the
> application that puts up the systray thingy, not by the icon theme.
> > For battery I'd like to see it green when it's 100-75%, yellow when
> > it's 74-30% and red when it's below 30% or something like that. For Wifi
> > connection same approach. And I hate b/w scissors picture for Klipper, I
> > just can't use it like that.
> The magic reply around here to this kind of remark is usually "Patches
> welcome"...
The question is: when there will be an option to return back full-color
systray icons (without time-consuming surfing to find more or less decent
icon scheme)?

Just return what it was or make an option for those who don't want to be

> > Colorful icon for it is much better.
> I disagree, and I don't even have colour vision issues.
Maybe you don't feel the difference because you are not very sophisticated
in that. People who don't try to do things faster do things at same slow
rate and don't notice how more effort it takes to use b/w icons instead of
color ones. The quality comes at quantity.

> There's a KDE Visual Design Group and I think they have their own ML.
> R.

All the best,

Aleksey Midenkov
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