disable akonadi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 08:56:07 BST 2018

>And there is another crazy issue: When I change password while Akonadi 
>is running it does not reprompt for new password but just tries with the 
>old one several times a second, basically DOS´ing the proxy server for 
>our work mail setup. It does so *silently*.

Does it do so with all IMAP servers? The version I'm running puts up a dialog sometimes with a message from GMail that I need to log in via the web interface. I think that must be when my password was rejected as GMail tends to do ("Security Alert! You logged in from somewhere else! Danger!" ...), and I think that must be equivalent to the rejection you get when trying an outdated password.

>> One thing that's annoying with this scheme is that KMail has
>> absolutely no visual feedback when you move among messages with the
>> cursor keys. The devs seem to assume that fetching and displaying the
>> next message is instantaneous and enough feedback in itself, but in
>> practice this is of course not the case. Result: I often end up
>> browsing several messages farther (it doesn't help that my cursor key
>> strokes tend not to register very well).
>I do not get what you mean by that.

Hit "Left" or "Right" to move to the next or previous message. You get no visual feedback in the GUI that the command was received until the message has been retrieved into KMail and displayed. Only then does the selected message indication in the email list change. Thing is that retrieving the message can take a second (or two or three) depending on how busy the machine is, how large the message and how fast the server responds (etc). During that time you have no confirmation that KMail is indeed retrieving the message you want so the temptation is there to hit the same key again.
Note that when using the mouse it is no problem to click on the same message multiple times if you're not certain. Not so when the command is not "display this message" but "display the next/previous message"; that works cumulatively. Which is a bit weird in itself because apparently KMail does consider the selected message to change immediately, instead of only when the selection indicator changes.

>Well feel free to open enhancement requests in https://bugs.kde.org

Of course, but that doesn't make much sense as long as I don't have the intention to start using the current version. (Which I don't have, the fact it uses QtWebEngine being a major reason.)


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