disable akonadi

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sat Sep 8 08:36:11 BST 2018

René J.V. Bertin - 08.09.18, 09:27:
> On a general note related to Akonadi performance: on my 4.1x system I
> always restart it manually in a more or less dedicated terminal
> window after logging in. That's to see when connection problems arise
> (and thus know when I better restart it rather than blame KMail for
> glitches).

I still see some issues with handling of connection aborts with Akonadi.

And there is another crazy issue: When I change password while Akonadi 
is running it does not reprompt for new password but just tries with the 
old one several times a second, basically DOS´ing the proxy server for 
our work mail setup. It does so *silently*.

I hope to be able to switch from 17.12 to 18.08 soon on Debian unstable. 
But I bet it won´t fix that issue. I did not yet report it. I think I do 
so next week.

> Akonadi can use up quite a bit of CPU when it starts syncing multiple
> accounts so nowadays I do `nice akonadictl restart`. That leaves just
> the fan noise as a real indication that I'm probably getting new
> email.
> One thing that's annoying with this scheme is that KMail has
> absolutely no visual feedback when you move among messages with the
> cursor keys. The devs seem to assume that fetching and displaying the
> next message is instantaneous and enough feedback in itself, but in
> practice this is of course not the case. Result: I often end up
> browsing several messages farther (it doesn't help that my cursor key
> strokes tend not to register very well).

I do not get what you mean by that.

> Claws has a "Stop All" toolbar button that activates when the app is
> working. It'd be nice if KMail had this too.

Well feel free to open enhancement requests in https://bugs.kde.org


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