disable akonadi

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 09:54:31 BST 2018

On Monday September 03 2018 03:03:25 Draciron Smith wrote:

>I've been using 1 for 1 for on my swap partitions for about 15 years now
>and not really had issues, but it probably is a good idea to switch to 2
>for 1 as you suggest.

It's the commonly suggested approach.

>I don't use ANY Akondi apps. None, zero, zilch. The memory problems start
>at boot before I've even opened an application. 

You should probably report that as a bug, esp. if you can reproduce it after creating a new user.

>Not sure what I would configure on Calendar. 

Nothing. That's the point: if my hunch is correct you don't have to use the system, but it has to be "minimally complete" to prevent it from freewheeling.

>I was under the impression that if you open ANY
>Akondi enabled app it brings the whole Akondi system up. Why would I want
>to do that since I do not use any of the apps? 

Yes, but as I said, there are standard components of the Plasma desktop that are Akonadi-enabled. It took me a while to figure out that the default clock panel widget is one (back when I ran KDE4 in a 2Gb VM and didn't need an email client). But quite a few applications support the akonadi addressbook for mail merging and the like (digiKam is an example). They can be built without that support, but most distributions will probably avoid doing that.

> Linux is a superb multi-tasker and
>usually handles memory very gracefully.

With the risk of attracting Martin's ire: I agree and I don't. The kernel will pretend that every memory allocation succeeds by default, even if you ask for an insane amount. I'm not sure I call that graceful ;)

FWIW, when I start to notice slow-downs on my own (8Gb) system it is usually a sign that I'm using over 800Mb or so of swap memory as reported by htop. They get significant enough to start restarting applications when that figure grows over 1.2Gb or so. Thing is, I only restart Chrome, Kontact, the window manager and (sometimes) the Plasma shell (`kquitapp plasma-desktop ; kstart plasma-desktop`). Restarting akonadi rarely makes a significant difference (sorry, a difference big enough to be noticeable and remember doing that restart no matter how statistically significant :) ). Yet I have what I think a representative set of agents : 2 IMAP accounts (one for this GMail address), Google calendar, contacts, the baloo indexer etc.


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