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Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sun Sep 2 21:22:27 BST 2018

René J.V. Bertin - 02.09.18, 18:02:
> On Sunday September 02 2018 15:54:53 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> > No need to CC me. If it makes sense to find your answer, I will. :)
> Mailman should be able to filter out CC'ed addresses that are also on
> the mailing list. One can't really expect members to remember which
> other members have that feature disabled, nor which lists do not
> require to use "Reply All" ...

Usually on KDE mailing lists I did not see Cc habit so far… and it 
breaks filtering into folders in KMail. Still I usually follow the usual 
habit on a mailinglist. Thus I cc by default on kernel mailing lists. I 
wonder how you managed to forget "No need to Cc" in this reply… but 
anyway, I noted by preference. You respect it, you remember it or you 
don´t. I can´t control you and its your choice what you like to do with 
my preference.

> > *hot* data. Which for me means data which is accessed often, mostly
> > randomly, not sequential.
> I assume you also mean data which could be stored on a more-or-less
> dedicated fast and not-necessarily-large disk. Not many (non-highend)
> laptops out there that support multiple internal disks...

The data I´d put on SSD easily fits into 500 GB, it even fitted into 300 
GB. Its basically my home directory minus the easily separatable rarely 
changed sequential data (means music files, photos and stuff like that). 
I think with more separation effort it could be even smaller than that.

> > A *silent* laptop :)
> Hmm, how old is your spinning rust, or how cool your laptop? Even my
> notebook (which has only a relatively cool N3150) tends to overpower
> harddisk noise with its fan, not to mention my MBP with its hot
> Sandybridge i7. IOW, I don't hear any HDD noise. Of course I remember
> the Quantum HDDs from the 90s which often sounded like they were
> grinding through their cases :)

The fan in this ThinkPad T520 is often not even audible. Its an i5. I 
did not see the point to have my employer spend even more money for an 
i7. Often the fan is completely off or spinning at RPM that is not 
audible for me:

% sensors | head -3
Adapter: ISA adapter
fan1:        1786 RPM

% sensors | head -3
Adapter: ISA adapter
fan1:           0 RPM

But I helped it along with thinkfan and custom settings as the firmware 
handling of the fan spun it up more often. If you choose to do this… you 
do it at your own risk.

When spinning up an external 2,5 inch external harddisk for the first 
time while this laptop was completely silent I noticed how loud 
harddisks can be. This Hitachi disk is quite a few years old however.

> > Okay, that it at least a Firefox with the Quantum engine. According
> > to what I read it can handle an insane amount of tabs efficiently.
> "Efficiently" is a rather relative term... According to what I
> understand it actually combines the best of the Chromium engine with
> the best of however Mozilla calls their engine. That's not an
> approach I'd think of as minimising memory usage, intuitively.

Well a Firefox developer who improved tab handling performance had a ton 
of tabs open… and I mean… really a *ton* of them:

The New Firefox and Ridiculous Numbers of Tabs

50 tabs is really nothing against this: "I've got a Firefox profile with 
1691 tabs."


Would I recommend opening 1691 tabs in a browser session? No. :)


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