systemsettings5/Regional Settings - strange choices

Ianseeks bingmybong at
Tue Oct 16 17:17:53 BST 2018


systemsettings5/Regional Setting/Languages
I checked this setting and it was blank so i added Brit English. I'm not sure when this changed to blank as i always change everything regional related when the user is created or soon after if any regional issues occur. 

systemsettings5/Regional Setting/Formats
I set "Region" to UK British English (en_gb). The "Detailed Settings" was disabled. I wanted to change the "measurement units" to metric so I enabled the "Detailed Settings". 
The "Measurement Units" changed from Imperial to Metric even though the entry said "no change". I then went to change the entry for "Measurement Units" and i was presented with drop the box of country options plus "no change" and "Default" - why is it not just "Metric" or "Imperial"? 

The only way i can get metric is to select "no change".

The number format and time display format changed as well 

Something i don't understand is that all the places to change the configuration present a list of countries as the options as described above.  Can anyone enlighten me ?




ps i have logged a bug for the above   

Qt: 5.11.2 KDE Frameworks: 5.50.0 - KDE Plasma:  5.14.0 - kwin 5.14.0
kmail2 5.9.1 - akonadiserver 5.9.1 - Kernel:  4.18.12-1-default  - xf86-video-nouveau:  1.0.15

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