KDE apps not using system printer settings

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Wed Mar 28 22:52:07 BST 2018

Micheal, thanks for the information and the good news. I'm using Arch
Linux. I'll get these new versions fairly quickly.

The version I"m using now is: qt5-base     5.10.1-6
This version is in the "unstable" repository now: qt5-base     5.11.0beta2-2

Therefore, I anticipate that I'll get 5.11 shortly after it comes out of

I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this. Otherwise I
would have been continuing to waste a lot of time and energy going off in
the wrong direction.

On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 1:49 PM, Michael Weghorn <m.weghorn at posteo.de>

> Quite a lot of improvement has been done on the Qt print dialog in the
> last time, so I  just retested with Qt's current development version.
> The problem is fixed there, I can no longer reproduce the issue with it.
> Since most of the improvements already made it into Qt 5.11, the problem
> will probably be gone as soon as that version makes it into your
> distribution.
> (Some of the latest improvements will only make it to Qt 5.12.)
> On 2018-03-28 16:33, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
> > I wonder if CUPS (if it is involved in this process), is doing a live
> query of the printer via IPP (or other) and the printer itself is
> configured to default to A4 paper?
> The IPP attributes returned to CUPS by the printer are used to
> auto-generate a PPD file for the case where the printer has been set up
> as an "IPP Everywhere" printer, i.e. without explicitly setting a PPD
> file (can be done by using the '-m everyhwere' option when setting up
> the printer via 'lpadmin'.
> However, this should not play a role here. System or user default
> settings are supposed to override other default values.
> Regards,
>   Michael
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