KDE apps not using system printer settings

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Wed Mar 28 15:33:57 BST 2018

On 03/27/2018 07:12 PM, Bug Reporter wrote:
> As my next attempt to resolve this I deleted ~/.cache, ~/.kde4 and /.config. I logged in as the user and checked the default paper for the printers and it remains A4.

I wonder if CUPS (if it is involved in this process), is doing a live query of the printer via IPP (or other) and the printer itself is configured to default to A4 paper?

Something like:

$ ipptool -tv -I ipp://cups-server/printers/branch ./get-media.ipp 
        attributes-charset (charset) = utf-8
        attributes-natural-language (naturalLanguage) = en
        printer-uri (uri) = ipp://cups-server.rap.ucar.edu:631/printers/branch
        requested-attributes (keyword) = media-default
    ./get-media                                                          [PASS]
        RECEIVED: 109 bytes in response
        status-code = successful-ok (successful-ok)
        attributes-charset (charset) = utf-8
        attributes-natural-language (naturalLanguage) = en
        media-default (keyword) = na_letter_8.5x11in

you might use 'localhost' or try the printer directly with a URI like ipp://printer-ip/ipp  or ipp://printer-ip/ipp/port1 (many laserjets).

$ cat get-media.ipp 
  OPERATION Get-Printer-Attributes
  GROUP operation-attributes-tag
  ATTR charset attributes-charset utf-8
  ATTR language attributes-natural-language en
  ATTR uri printer-uri $uri
  ATTR keyword requested-attributes


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