KDE apps not using system printer settings

Ianseeks bingmybong at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 27 10:03:24 BST 2018

On Sunday, 25 March 2018 20:00:44 BST Bug Reporter wrote:
> Starting several months ago, all KDE apps (e.g., Kate) no longer use the
> system printer settings. For example, in "Kickoff -> Computer -> System
> Settings -> Printer Configuration" I have US letter paper size set.
> However, Kate and other KDE apps all default to A4 paper size. I can't find
> a way to change this default, so I have to manually change paper size every
> single time I need to print.
I'm not having that problem.
I set my Printer Configuration to "Letter" and then ran kate, checked its settings and it showed it was set to "Letter", i then changed it back to A4 in the Printer Configuration, reran kate, checked its setting and it showed as A4.

> I'm running Arch Linux on several different computers (NUC, laptop, desktop
> and more). The problem appears on all systems. All packages, including KDE
> are fully up to date with Arch's most recent packages. The problem has
> persisted through several updates now. I estimate it has been going on for
> at least 3 months.
> Whenever I make a change (such as paper size) using "Configure your
> printers" in System Settings, I can see the change reflected in the
> printer's PPD file in /etc/cups/ppd. However, as I said, Kate and other KDE
> apps ignore that value.
> Is this a known bug? Is there a work-around?
> Thank you.
You might need to list the version levels of the software you are using in case someone else might notice a mismatch ot has the same as you and can check..

Qt: 5.10.0 KDE Frameworks: 5.44.0 - KDE Plasma:  5.12.3 - kwin 5.12.3
kmail2 5.7.3 - akonadiserver 5.7.3 - Kernel:  4.15.11-1-default  - xf86-video-nouveau:  1.0.15

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