Dolphin loses UI settings when restarted

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Wed Jun 27 07:57:58 BST 2018


Am 25.06.2018 um 22:05 schrieb René J.V. Bertin:
> On Monday June 25 2018 20:57:18 Florian Lindner wrote:
>> It seems that setting QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME causes the problem, inside Plasma as well as inside i3. However, not setting causes all KDE (5?) application not showing any icons when used inside i3, so it's not an option either.
> Yes, that would figure, although there's a trick to avoid that too.
>> It was very hard for me to find information about using KDE application outside of Plasma.
> That figures, the plasma team guards their work a bit jealously (or at least that's the impression one can get).
>> How to use the plasma-integration platform theme plugin if not using Plasma5 desktop?
> Easy: set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde; you should already have the plugin itself since you have the Plasma5 desktop stuff installed . It can help if you also set KDE_FULL_SESSION=1 and KDE_SESSION_VERSION=5 .
> If you do that, KF5 applications should behave as if they're running under a Plasma5 desktop. There should be no or almost no drawbacks, because that desktop environment isn't required to run those applications. This is exactly what I do on a Kubuntu 14.04 machine that still has a good old KDE/Plasma4 desktop, and I do something similar on my Mac where it is evidently not possible to run a full Plasma desktop environment.
>>From time to time you may get messages about services that aren't running or found (kactivities, for instance). For the most part those will probably not interest you, if not you can install/run them manually. The most important things (kdeinit5, kded5 and kwalletd5) should get started automatically.

Only setting QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=kde makes dolphin crash at the first startup (second try always works) and sends kmail
into in infinite loop at start, I already tried that some time ago.

Setting also KDE_FULL_SESSION=1 and KDE_SESSION_VERSION=5 makes it all work like a charm! Setttings are saved, file open
dialoges are now really KDE and not some minmimalistic version and a number of other idiosyncrasies...

Thanks a lot!

Is there some KDE wiki site that can be used to document that? Is the right place?


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