Trouble with Desktop-Icons

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Jul 29 09:15:18 BST 2018

>I don't know where to look or to find a login.script or where to store a plasma startup script.

Check the manpage of the shell you use (bash, [t]csh, zsh etc) to see what options you have to execute things on login and logout. Plasma startup scripts are controlled via system settings/Workspace/Startup and Shutdown.

>How would xinit be involved?

Unless you use Wayland, this is how the X11 environment that displays your windows is started. You may already have a .xinitrc file in your home directory, which is a shell script that can execute any kind of command; the only requirement is that the last command keeps running until you log out. On a Plasma4 desktop that is the `startkde` command which bootstraps the KDE desktop. I use this script myself to ensure that the X11 resource database (xrdb) is set up exactly the way I want.

Two big advantages to using this file for force-restoring a Plasma setting:
- you're certain it is done before the Plasma component in question is even started
- you don't have to worry about doing it only once per session


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