Dolphin loses UI settings when restarted

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Jul 1 13:20:18 BST 2018

On Sunday July 01 2018 12:33:19 Florian Lindner wrote:

>Some system tray icons do not owrk anymore. Most notably kmail and Nextcould. Other apps, like Dropbox, udiskie, Redshift-GTK are working. So I guess there is some KDE way of using the systray, kmail and nextcloud try to use that and it does not work with the standard way i3 is using.
>Any idea?

Yeah, this can be a side-effect: KDE desktops use a slightly different method for the systray, one that uses dbusmenu-qt. If memory serves me well this is done by the plasma-integration plugin.

2 solutions: 
- find a plugin/extension for your desktop that supports this method; I know one exists for the XFCE-panel for instance
- uninstall or otherwise disable the plasma-integration plugin ($prefix/share/qt5/plugins/platformthemes/

As I mentioned previously, Qt contains a built-in emulation of the plasma-integration plugin that basically applies the settings in your kdeglobals file. You may not get the KDE file dialogs and I'm almost certain you won't get the different systray behaviour, but things like widget style, colour and icon themes should be applied.
NB: you should keep the same 3 env. variables set.


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