KDE 5 screen size issue

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 09:34:46 GMT 2018

On Tuesday January 16 2018 22:27:00 Mun wrote:

>upgrade also updated my KDE from version 4.x (not sure of the exact
>version) to version 5.18.0 .  The problem that resulted is that the
>screen geometry setting via xrandr is not being applied correctly.
>I've attached a screen shot for clarity.

What's the screen resolution you're trying to set?

I can confirm that it still works in my KaOS VM, though periodically I need to tell VirtualBox what I want it to do (a VirtualBox issue).

I don't wait for login to call xrandr though. I also like my login screen to use the proper resolution, so where that isn't automatically the case I put the required xrandr statements in the Xsetup file used when the X server starts.

And as far as I can remember you can still use the "Display and Monitor" kcm from the systemsettings utility, to pick the resolution you want (provided indeed it's known, possibly thanks to a call to xrandr).

>I tried removing the ~/.kde directory and rebooting, but that made no

KF5 gets everything from ~/.config and ~/.local/share . The old ~/.kde is only referenced for migration of old settings, and of course by whatever KDE4 apps you still use.


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