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stakanov stakanov at eclipso.eu
Fri Aug 31 11:11:08 BST 2018

In data venerdì 31 agosto 2018 07:35:48 CEST, Bernd Nachtigall ha scritto:
> Hi,
> my favoured GUI is KDE. But since KMail et. al. is such a PITA I don't
> use applikation which needs akonadi anymore.
> How can I disable akonadi so that there is no restart at each new login?
> Bernd
Depending on the version you use, the PITA may well be mariadb with akonadi. 
It is a mayor resource hog and did work with me (Leap 15) in a catastrophic 
way for what is reliability and database conservation. 
I changed to postgres96 (as in Leap the version 10 seems not to work with 
akonadi and the postgreslight sql seems to have major performance problems 
with kde). 
I am now at more than two month and the usual problems of Kontact/kmail as 
there are duplication, left right error, irretrievable content, loss of data 
(which are all IME typical features of kontact/kmail with mariadb) are gone! 
If you do use kmail you should also know that it is IME worthless to save the 
filters after an update of kde. You need to set them up from scratch or you 
will have CPU loads of 100% and functional blocks. So, first change to 
postgres96, then eliminate the filters and set them up again. 
Do then a akonadictl fsck and that should give you a much better experience. 

If you do not have opensuse Leap YMMV. I can obviously not know.
If you need some hint on how to do it, I can post it here (in case you need 
advice, it is quite - still only quite - straightforward as procedure). 

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