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superaorta at gmail.com superaorta at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 07:37:18 BST 2018

> > 
> > Can I script akonadiconsole? the using a gui isn't the kind of painless
> > I'm
> > after!
> Not that I know,  but you could look at the sources to see how it does the
> restart. Akonadi communicates over dbus, so maybe you can even look at the
> available slots and signals with qtdbusviewer. I think there are scripting
> utilities to send commands over dbus.

Thanks but I'm after something lower hassle - there must be a config somewhere 
that sets a limit of 3 crashes for _imap_resource that I can raise to infinite 
(I can't believe this would be hard coded).  

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